Rosebuds Day Nursery was inspected by Ofsted on 4th March 2019 and were given a ‘Good’ rating in the report. If you would like further information on our inspect by Ofsted then please see the information below.


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Quotes from OFSTED Report 

“Staff are well qualified and use their knowledge effectively to plan a wide range of interesting and stimulating activities for children across the different areas of learning. They differentiate activities well to help meet the needs of individual children and challenge their learning”.


“The manager is ambitious and committed to providing high-quality standards for care and learning. She regularly evaluates the provision to identify priorities for improvement and successfully includes the views of parents, staff and the local authority”.


“Children’s independence and self-help skills are promoted very well through the setting’s daily activities and routines. Children are supported to attend to their own needs, manage risks and discuss the benefits of healthy lifestyles”.


“Staff use their experience to plan a wide range of exciting learning opportunities outdoors that build on children’s existing skills and learning”.


“Staff provide welcoming and well-planned learning environments that successfully support children to make choices in their learning”.